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Who am I? I am Roslin. Florida Baby. Gamer. Fan Girl. Belly/Fire Dancer. Writer. Odd Ball. Unique. Eccentric. Tattooed. Hellenic Pagan. Bisexual, sub/Dom switch. Poly but Single. Diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive, Depression, Bipolar, PTSD. G-HSV positive. This blog is a body positive and kink positive blog. NOT A SPOILER FREE BLOG. #spoilers tag used. Trigger warnings are posted and if I haven't tagged something that triggers you, please link me and I will edit the post. Don't like what I post, then unfollow me.

While I may not follow the Gorean lifestyle, or am a “proper” kajira… I do know a few things… and it makes Riven happy too

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    Speaking of perverse romance novels…
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